Usability Research or User Experience Research

I am working on the full circle of Usability Research, and you can also call it User Experience research, of the websites and mobile apps. Currently, at least twice a year, in April and October, I prepare and conduct the usability tests with the visitors of the Global Sources Trade Shows in Hong Kong. But … Read moreUsability Research or User Experience Research

Proof of Concept (POC) Test

Sometimes you only have an idea in mind, concept or (Minimum Viable Product) MVP, not the ready-to-use product. In this case, you can conduct a study to learn more not only about the usability issues of your current implementation but also what will your potential users feel about the product, which features they will value, … Read moreProof of Concept (POC) Test

UI/UX Design

Some examples of my designs. I mostly used Photoshop for the designs below. 1. Exhibitors List redesign Updated based on my mockups, example URL: 2. TMX – ThreatMetrix form for the blocked users How to get there: register with Global Sources with some fake details and email like “”. Log out and try to … Read moreUI/UX Design