UI/UX Design

Some examples of my designs. I mostly used Photoshop for the designs below.

1. Exhibitors List redesign

Updated based on my mockups, example URL: https://www.globalsources.com/trdshw/T/HONGKONG-ELECTONICS-2021-OCT/mp/2808800063904/Brand-Zone/0.htm?source=TSCON9_PavilionImages

2. TMX – ThreatMetrix form for the blocked users

How to get there: register with Global Sources with some fake details and email like “user@xxx.com”. Log out and try to log in again. As the result, you should be able to see the form asking you to provide your details, so the team can investigate further and unblock your account.

The task was to create a simple yet effective form ASAP. The mockup was created in 5 minutes, implemented and still in use:

I know, it does not look fancy at all, but it helped everyone in the team to save their time – it does not require any additional design (otherwise, the process will have 2-3 more additional steps and 2-3 more weeks of work), it is easy to implement, and it is efficient. That’s why I’m posting it here (even though I’d love to make it fancy) to show that sometimes my work is not to create something beautiful but something the users can use efficient and solve their tasks fast.

3. Global Sources Sourcing Club – a new initiative to promote Global Sources services and incentivize users with points that they can use in the future to get tangible things or coupons.

Current URL: https://www.globalsources.com/SITE/BUYER-STATUS.HTM#home

Current design = my design:

4. Another example of the design I created within a few minutes that is in use in the same way I created it: https://www.globalsources.com/highSeas/highSeasRFQList

5. I also worked on the order/checkout workflow and banners designs.

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