User Interface Quality Assurance

One of the ways to see whether your mockups have design issues, wording issues or typos, or any UX problems is to run a round of user interfaces quality assurance. During this study, I am checking the designs to identify the issues that should be updated before the product will go live. Users don’t want to see typos and grammar mistakes on the websites or apps they are using, because this will be considered a low-quality product.

My audit usually includes the following:

  1. Copy/texts – any typos or grammar mistakes
  2. Are your texts easy to understand – are they polite, complete, do you use jargon
  3. Readability/Accessibility issues – is it easy to read and reach
  4. Do the buttons and links designed the way the buttons and links should look like?
  5. Interactions are clear, and the result is per expectations
  6. Overall look and feel, aesthetically pleasing or not

How long it should take?

Based on the number of pages you want to check, around 20 pages per day.


Shopping cart, desktop version.

The design was updated partly based on my comments to highlight the fields with an error and the block with errors.

The solution:

You may want to see more of these, then SAY HI